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Speedmaster Seven Questions I: Bart

Bart's 1972 Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022

Bart’s 1972 Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022

Today we’re launching a new segment: the Speedmaster Seven. Seven questions, aimed at giving our readers a little peek into the mind of Speedmaster collectors and aficionados. What drives them, what Speedmasters do they own and which ones do they dream of?

First to join the party is Bart, a 42 year old BI Consultant from Belgium, with whom we’ve been in touch since back in 2005 – how time flies:

Hi Bart, thank you for taking the time to answer our Speedmaster Seven questions!

  1. Do you remember the first Speedmaster you bought? When did you buy it and which type was it?

It was a Speedmaster Professional  ref. 145.022 ST69 with the Hippocampus on the back. I bought it in 1986, but I unfortunately sold it…(I learned an important lesson here)

  1. What ignited your passion for the Speedmaster?

I’ve been interested in mechanical watches since the eighties. I also like astronomy, aeronautics  and space exploration.  My taste in watches has changed several times over time and my collection nowadays is oriented towards vintage chronographs.

The Speedmaster is a true classic and certainly a must-have watch for someone with my interests.  I won’t re-list all its merits, but every time I put one of mine on, it puts a smile on my face and I proudly wear it.

  1. What is the last Speedmaster you bought?

I’ve bought a 1973 Speedmaster Mark IV ref. 176.009 in September this year.

Bart's 1972 Omega Speedmaster Mark IV 176.009

Bart’s 1972 Omega Speedmaster Mark IV 176.009

  1. What is the most distinct Speedmaster you own or have owned?

From the two Speedmasters that I own right now, the Mark IV is more distinct than the 1972 145.022 because that last one is more commonly seen.

  1. What is your collection like? For example, is it focused on Speedmasters, Omega’s, chronographs or ….?

My collection is mainly focused on vintage chronographs.  I’m essentially collecting movements.

I have affordable chrono’s (Citizen 8110a,Seiko 6139-600x) and less affordable (for me at least) chrono’s (Omega’s and Heuer).

This is my current chronograph movement list:

  • Omega 861 (Lemania 1872 derived)
  • Omega 1040 (Lemania 1340 derived)
  • Heuer cal. 12
  • Seiko 6139
  • Citizen 8110a
  1. Do you have a Speedmaster grail watch? If so, which one is it?

Yes I do! (of course) I’m really happy with what I have, but I would love to own the so called (nicknamed) Holy Grail, a ref. 376.0822, with the Omega 1045 movement, which is Lemania 5100 derived. I wouldn’t mind owning a Snoopy either.

  1. Bracelet or strap?

Speedmasters look good on everything, but on my 861 I prefer straps (Nato, leather) because of the versatility. I wear my Mark IV mostly on the bracelet which I like a lot.

More images in the gallery below.

Thank you Bart!


Moonwatch Only – now available in our shop

Omega Speedmaster Study

Omega Speedmaster Study – Moonwatch Only Book

Knowledge is power in the watch collectors market. Fine details often determine the price of a watch, and things like mismatched parts and overpolished cases can highly affect the value. With the Speedmaster gaining in popularity in a steady pace and thus rising prices, it has become increasingly important to know a thing or two regarding the finer details that make up our favourite watch: the Omega Speedmaster. And that’s where Moonwatch Only comes in.

Moonwatch Only (English)

Moonwatch Only (English)

Moonwatch Only, released  in 2014, set a new standard for watch-related publications and instantly skyrocketed to the number 1 position on the Speedmaster publications chart – should such a chart have existed. To summarize the story we’re about to type: buy it now, it is superb.

After a foreword by both Mr. Stephen Urquhart, president of Omega, and Captain Eugene Cernan, the first dozen of pages are dedicated to an introduction on the subject matter. After that the party starts: the Speedmaster is broken down in 12 components and accessories, which are then studied in detail. This chapter is almost 200 pages strong and codified and analysed over 250 constituent parts, starting at the very first Speedmaster produced in 1957 and onwards.

The next bit is just as nice and probably a bit easier to digest: over 200 pages featuring nearly every single Speedmaster Moonwatch variation that has ever been produced – both standard production models as well as special & limited series and projects & prototypes, including models such as the rare Alaska Project I, II and III, and various rare country specific series. In total over 125 models are presented and the book in total features over 1000 images never published before. Check out the gallery below for a few excerpts.

We’ve added a little shop to our page yesterday and of course Moonwatch Only is available there. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Shop is operated by Ace Jewelers, Authorized Dealer for Omega Watches. Check out their FAQ and Terms and Conditions for more information.

SpeedyWatches @ Monochrome part II: The Reinhard Furrer Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Radial' 145.022 ca. 1978

Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Radial’ 145.022 ca. 1978

Remember our posts about the Reinhard Furrer Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Radial’ a.k.a. Alaska Project III – the original article and the service pictures? Well, it’s one of the highlights of Bonhams on December 10th 2014 auction, giving watchcollectors (with deep pockets) the rare chance to own an actual NASA Speedmaster. Since we had the chance to extensively research this particular watch (our master watchmaker took it fully apart!), we can highly recommend it – it’s a very special watch with unrivalled provenance and looks to die for.

Our friends over at Monochrome-Watches took this opportunity to write an article on the Reinhard Furrer Omega Speedmaster Professional, using pics provided by SpeedyWatches. Thanks for a great read Brice, and we’re proud to have contributed to another stellar article on one of the prime watch blogs!

Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P. 105.012-63

Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P. 105.012-63

Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P. 105.012-63

How is this for awesome? Courtesy of our friend Master of Speed, today’s watch is the exceedingly rare Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P.

Nowadays the Speedmaster Professional is best known for its connection to NASA and space exploration in general. The Speedmaster was however first and foremost designed to be a watch for race drivers – the space connection coming into play some 8 years after its introduction in 1957. And it so happens to be the case that racing heritage is what makes this particular Speedy so special…

Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P. 105.012-63

Omega Speedmaster Professional A.C.P. 105.012-63 dial close-up

This Speedmaster features an extra signature on the dial that very discretely reminds us of its history. It was part of an order of 50 Speedmaster Professional watches placed by the Automovil Club Peruano in 1963. According to the Moonwatch Only book, they were delivered by July of 1964 and less than 10 examples are known to still exist today.

Los Caminos del Inca - Automóvil Club Peruano

Los Caminos del Inca – Automóvil Club Peruano

The full set of pictures below are proof of the excellent and original condition of this Speedmaster Professional A.C.P., including the right 1506 bracelet dated 64 and matching date of delivery. The signature at 6 is lacking the T’s, as is the case with all A.C.P. Speedmasters.

The Automóvil Club Peruano was founded in 1942 and still exists today. One of its biggest events is the Caminos del Inca Carrera – a cross country race of almost 2700 km, which was first held in 1966.

2010 Caminos del Inca Rally

2010 Caminos del Inca Rally

For more information please check out the Master of Speed Tumblr blog. Thank you for sharing this rare piece of history with!