21st of July: The Moonwalk Day

Neil Armstrong Omega Speedmaster Moonwalk

Neil Armstrong Omega Speedmaster Moonwalk

Yes! 21st of July 1969 – the day that the Omega Speedmaster gained immortality by becoming the very first watch to be worn while walking on the moon during the Apollo 11 Mission. 44 years ago!

The Omega Speedmaster was one of the few -if not the only- piece of equipment that was not designed specifically for the Apollo 11 mission.. Or in fact any other mission in which it was used! A huge compliment to Omega and the bullit-proof quality of the Speedmaster.

Let’s not forget Armstrong, Aldrin and Collings – three brave men. In a time way before iPhones, laptop computers, tablets et cetera, they risked their life for this huge accomplishment.

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