Custom Omega Speedmaster Mitsukoshi on Leather NATO

Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 / 3570.31.00

Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 / 3570.31.00

How do you like the Omega Speedmaster Mitsukoshi?

Pictured is a standard Professional reference 3570.50.00 fitted with the ‘Panda’ dial of the Mitsukoshi Limited Edition. The result is stunning! The leather NATO-strap is a great match and shows how versatile the Speedmaster is when it comes to straps!

The Omega Speedmaster Mitsukoshi is one of the most loved dials available. Whether original or customized: it’s a stunning sight to behold.

Want to make your own custom Speedmaster? Start with the 3570.50.00 –

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6 Responses to Custom Omega Speedmaster Mitsukoshi on Leather NATO

  1. Dave says:

    Could you please tell me what strap this speedmaster is on? Is it available from your store?

  2. Hamad says:

    Hi.. This is the perfect combo i have ever seen on a speedy. But where can i get my hands on this dial ?.. Or where can i customise one !?.. I want it so bad.

  3. Speedymacreedy says:

    Checkout ebay. Watch co australia sells them on there. Bit pricey now though !

    • Speed Master says:

      Good tip Speedymacreedy. WatchCo used to be a very good source.. Not sure if they still have them or about the prices though! With the popularity of custom Speedmasters rising in the last few years, I guess many have been scooped up by collectors. Luckily we still have an unused Mitsukoshi and Racing, both with matching hands, in our safe 🙂

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