Save the Date: Speedy Tuesday Event

Speedmaster Tuesday Event

Speedmaster Tuesday Event

Our friends over at FratelloWatches are organizing something fun, right here in The Netherlands: the Speedy Tuesday Event.

To quote our friends: The Speedy Tuesday Event will be held on Tuesday the 29th of October, from 16:00 (GMT+1) and onwards. Both new and vintage Speedmasters will be present as well as the Fratello team and OMEGA representatives. Perhaps even more important, there will be a lot of fellow Speedmaster enthusiasts as well.  Including a number of people who contributed to Speedy Tuesday on Fratellowatches.

So… will we see you there? Check out more details at FratelloWatches!

Friends? Sure.. above two cellphone shots of our recent encounters with team FratelloWatches.. Passion for Speedmasters!