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Omega Speedmaster Study

Omega Speedmaster Study – Moonwatch Only Book

Knowledge is power in the watch collectors market. Fine details often determine the price of a watch, and things like mismatched parts and overpolished cases can highly affect the value. With the Speedmaster gaining in popularity in a steady pace and thus rising prices, it has become increasingly important to know a thing or two regarding the finer details that make up our favourite watch: the Omega Speedmaster. And that’s where Moonwatch Only comes in.

Moonwatch Only (English)

Moonwatch Only (English)

Moonwatch Only, released  in 2014, set a new standard for watch-related publications and instantly skyrocketed to the number 1 position on the Speedmaster publications chart – should such a chart have existed. To summarize the story we’re about to type: buy it now, it is superb.

After a foreword by both Mr. Stephen Urquhart, president of Omega, and Captain Eugene Cernan, the first dozen of pages are dedicated to an introduction on the subject matter. After that the party starts: the Speedmaster is broken down in 12 components and accessories, which are then studied in detail. This chapter is almost 200 pages strong and codified and analysed over 250 constituent parts, starting at the very first Speedmaster produced in 1957 and onwards.

The next bit is just as nice and probably a bit easier to digest: over 200 pages featuring nearly every single Speedmaster Moonwatch variation that has ever been produced – both standard production models as well as special & limited series and projects & prototypes, including models such as the rare Alaska Project I, II and III, and various rare country specific series. In total over 125 models are presented and the book in total features over 1000 images never published before. Check out the gallery below for a few excerpts.

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