Omega Speedmaster 1957 Replica 3594.50.00

Omega Speedmaster 1957 Replica

Omega Speedmaster 1957 Replica 3594.50.00

The Omega Speedmaster 1957 Replica was Omega’s first attempt at a Speedmaster based on a vintage model. Contrary to today’s First Omega in Space, the 1957 Replica used the same case as the regular Speedmaster Professional, but featured a stainless steel engraved bezel, custom dial (note the applied logo, vintage script and lack of Professional-wording) and so-called Broad Arrow hands – all to resemble the original CK-2915. Being a tribute to the 1957 model, it of course also lacked the text referring to the Moonwalk on the caseback.

The 3594.50.00 was part of the Mission-series, but it was also available in regular production – on either leather strap or bracelet.

We tend to think this is a great watch. It can be had for good prices and looks surprisingly different when compared to your regular Professional. It was often delivered on the stainless steel bracelet, which – in our humble opinion- looks kind of out of place. It is however hard to beat on a vintage-looking leather strap or NATO though!

On a side note: we can’t help but wonder how this bezel and hands would look on a First Omega in Space.. That would be one perfect homage to the CK-2915!

On another side note: yes, the Replica name is somewhat weird for a watch that is clearly an original.. In some cases, people prefer to call this one the Re-edition.

Feeling the vintage vibe? The First Omega in Space is a great choice!

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