Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 310. What’s in the Box?

It’s in! One of the most hotly anticipated watches of 2019 was for sure the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. A gold model was introduced back in March, but we had to wait until May before the stainless steel version (ref. 310. made its debut. Earlier today we had the chance to go hands-on with one for our signature What’s in the Box series.

Our Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. What’s in the Box? was a fairly dull affair – but today we’re in for a treat as Omega went all-in to create something special for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Let’s dive in:

Shipping Container

As always the watch is delivered to us in the shipping container. This holds the watch but also the hang tag and the red cards. Caliber 3861 is a Master Chronometer movement, and as such we have the International Warranty, the Pictograms, and the Master Chronometer cards. All of these feature both the reference number as well as the unique serial number. The Pictograms card also has the limited edition number on it.


WOW – this a huge box! The outer cardboard box lists it as being 4.8kg. That’s enormous. This cardboard box is usually thrown out and as far as I am concerned it is not part of the deal – it’s just for shipping.

Next up is a white protective box. This is where the party starts.

Inside we find a box not unlike that of the regular Speedy Pro – but obviously improved upon in order to make it even cooler. It’s done in a combo of white and brown, with brass hardware. A compartment on the side offers an additional storage space for the instruction manual, card sleeve et cetera. It is now filled up with a bit of foam, the card sleeve, a white cleaning cloth and a small booklet on how to change the strap.

In the Box

In the box we find a print of the surface of the moon, an anti-moisture sachet, and a piece of foam for protection. There are two plaques that serve as a reminder of why this watch was created. We get our first glimpse of the rather unusual cushion that’s supposed to hold the watch.

The lunar surface bit folds open tot he inside to reveal more goodies:

Alright, so the cushion for the watch is actually a little Lunar Module. That’s cute. Furthermore we find two patches velcro’d to the box, an additional strap, a strap changing tool, and a loupe.

The loupe has what I suppose is a Moonshine Gold finish to match the bezel of the watch, which is a nice touch.


Last but not least there’s two booklets – the standard-issue Operating Instructions plus a special Moonwatch 50th Anniversary booklet. The latter has the limited edition number printed on the back.

That concludes this episode of What’s in the Box. What are your thoughts on this LE, the packaging and the goodies?

This Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. was supplied by Ace Jewelers.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. What’s in the Box?

It’s been a while! We first got the chance to handle the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. during our meeting with Omega at BaselWorld 2018, yet it wouldn’t be until earlier this week that a production piece -including all the goodies- would reach our offices, allowing us to shoot a few pics and do our What’s in the Box post.

In a world dominated by vintage-inspired watches, I find the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. to be an interesting specimen. Here we see an adaptation of the 44.25mm Dark Side of the Moon case with paired with a hand-wound, Lemania 1873-derived movement with bridges blackened and lasered to mimic the moon’s surface, all of which is visible both through the open-worked dial as well as the see-through case back – all of which is topped off by bold yellow accents on the bezel, dial, hands and strap. It looks strikingly modern and unapologetically so.

But anyway – What’s in the Box?

Shipping Container

The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. itself is delivered to us in a clear plastic shipping container.

Aside from the watch this also holds the two cards: International Warranty and Pictograms. This shipping container is not meant to be sold with the watch – it is solely for transport.


First up is a cardboard box. This usually gets thrown out too, and as far as we are concerned this is not part of the actual packaged.

Next is the black box.

Once the cover is removed, we see the box proper and a space with the instruction manual, the card sleeve, and a polishing cloth.

The box proper is the standard box ref. 94109558 that comes with all Dark Side of the Moon watches . There’s no mention of Apollo 8 anywhere on the box – or the documentation that comes with it for that matter.

The tray can be removed, although the only thing underneath it is some sort of traveling pouch (?).

That concludes this episode of What’s in the Box. Perhaps the most uneventful yet? No goodies, no extra booklets – but then again the watch is not a limited edition either.

The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 311. is available at Ace Jewelers.

Tour de France Steven Kruijswijk of Team Jumbo Visma and his Omega Speedmaster Professional Wristwatch!

Screen Grab from NOS De Avondetappe July 22nd, 2019

Tour de France cyclist Steven Kruijswijk of Team Jumbo-Visma was spotted during De Avondetappe wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional!

Professional road cyclist Steven Kruijswijk of Team Jumbo-Visma, current number 3 in the general standing of the 2019 Tour de France, was spotted at the Dutch talk show De Avondetappe wearing his Omega Speedmaster wristwatch. A quick search revealed that he’s a man of great taste, as judging by his official team picture it appears to be an Omega Speedmaster Professional. And do I spot a little hesalite glare? It appears that the watch of Steven Kruijswijk is indeed the one and only 311.!

Way to go Stevie – best of luck for days ahead!

Cropped Screen Grab from NOS De Avondetappe July 22nd, 2019

Link to NOS De Avondetappe with Steven Kruijswijk wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch wristwatch. (at around 16:00)

Official Team Jumbo Visma team page for Steven Kruijswijk.

Press Release: 321 is back! OMEGA’s lunar legend powers the latest Moonwatch

Introducing the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum

The anticipation is finally over! Earlier this year, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA announced the long-awaited return of its iconic Calibre 321. Today, on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, the brand is proud to unveil the first new Speedmaster Moonwatch to house the movement.

Known for its beautifully intricate design, the original Calibre 321 was the first movement ever used in the OMEGA Speedmaster in 1957. Most famously, it was used in a variety of space-bound models including the Speedmaster ST 105.003 (the model tested and qualified by NASA and worn by astronaut Ed White during the first American spacewalk) and the Speedmaster ST 105.012 (the first watch worn on the moon on the 21st of July, 1969). After extensive research and reconstruction in a dedicated workshop, the Calibre 321 has now been reborn in-line with its original specifications.

To view the reconstructed movement, customers will be able to look through the sapphire-crystal caseback of the new Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum. As the name suggests, the chronograph features a 42 mm brushed and polished case crafted from a special platinum alloy with the use of gold (Pt950Au20). The case design is inspired by the asymmetrical 4th generation Speedmaster case with twisted lugs (ST 105.012), and is presented on a black leather strap with a platinum buckle. Furthermore, this exciting timepiece includes a black ceramic bezel with the Speedmaster’s famous tachymeter scale in white enamel.

Of course, there are plenty of other captivating features to explore too. The step dial is formed from onyx, with a deep black colour that works in perfect harmony with the other materials, including 18K white gold for the indexes and hands (except for the central chronograph seconds hand). Another very notable feature of the new timepiece is the three meteorite subdials. In tribute to the Speedmaster’s lunar history, OMEGA has used real slices of moon meteorite, providing a genuine link to the Calibre 321, which has powered every Speedmaster ever worn on the moon.

For fans wishing to own a genuine piece of Moonwatch history, as well as a genuine piece of the moon itself, this chronograph should be high on their wish list.