In our Studio: Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary 311.

Omega Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph

The Omega Speedmaster ’57 Chronograph 60th Anniversary was introduced at BaselWorld 2017 as part of the ‘Trilogy’ series, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster 300. Though all three are near perfect facsimiles of their original counterparts in terms of design, the way they go about it rather different. Both the Railmaster and Seamaster 300 make use of Omega’s latest technological advancements, as witnessed by their high-tech Master Chronometer caliber 8806 movements and domed sapphire crystals. Not the Speedmaster though; in the spirit of the 1957 original the 311. is fitted with a plexi crystal and a hand-wound chronograph movement. Then again, most Speedmaster aficionado’s wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s lacking in imagination is made up in execution. By now a vintage-inspired watch is hardly novel, but with the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary it’s done to such a degree of perfection that it’s hard not to like. The slight brown hue of the dial is gorgeous. The faux-patina of the indexes too. The case, the crown, the pushers, even down to the packaging: it’s all beautiful. If I were to make one remark it’d be about the bracelet which is almost overpowering, being too solid & hefty for the watch – most notably the clasp.

  • Case: Stainless steel, 38.6mm, closed case back, 60mm water resistance.
  • Movement: caliber 1861.
  • Glass: Hesalite
  • Lug width: 19mm
  • Limited edition: yes, 3557 pieces

A Time Capsule

Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 - 3573.50.00

Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 – 3573.50.00

This article was originally published on July 4th, 2013. We have updated the links below but made no changes otherwise.

The Speedmaster Professional is an icon. A classic like few other watches. These two are undisputed facts. Period. Not up for discussion.

However, I’d like to add a third term to describe the Speedmaster Professional: a Time Capsule. For two reasons: the watch itself and the pricing. I’ll explain..

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Hands-On: the Speedmaster Professional Racing Japan versus the TinTin

Omega Speedmaster Professional TinTin 311. - Omega Speedmaster Professional Japan 3570.40.00

Omega Speedmaster Professional TinTin 311. – Omega Speedmaster Professional Japan 3570.40.00

This article was first published on December 11th, 2014

Courtesy of our friends at Ace Jewelers and their Ace Photo Studio, today we managed to get the rare (2004 pieces) Speedmaster Racing Japan and Speedmaster Racing TinTin together. We recon this is a rather rare occasion, although there are probably a few of you out there who own the both of them..

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Hands-On: Omega Speedmaster Caliber 9300: Moonwatch versus ’57

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. - 9300 '57 331.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 – 9300 ’57 331.


This article was originally published on August 12th, 2013. 

With pictures by our friends over at, we thought it time for a small comparison between the two versions of the Speedmasters powered by Caliber 9300 that are available thus far: the Moonwatch 9300 and the ’57 9300.

You might have read in many reviews that the difference in size is quite big: 44.25mm for the Moonwatch versus 41.5 for the ’57. While to us it did appear that the ’57 is smaller at first glance, ‘less bulky’ might actually be a better term. Slimmed down perhaps. Or even trimmed down.

The bigger 3:00 and 9:00 subdials create somewhat of a trompe l’oeil. In full-frontal the ’57 appears more refined, carrying less heft – the lugs appear to be considerably thinner and the lack of crown protectors plays a major role as well. But to cut a long story short – the bezel width is near identical, as is the dial opening. Most of the mm’s we think are shaved off the case-band. That is – said protectors and the famous Omega curve that the Moonwatch 9300 does possess.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. - 9300 '57 331.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. – 9300 ’57 331.

The bracelets couldn’t be more different, although both are based on the well-known three-bits-per-link design. The 9300 has the bracelet that we’ve come to know very well in the last two decades – with the subtle polished ridges on the mid links. The ’57 bracelet harks back to early bracelet used in the CK-2915, CK-2998 and other early Speedmasters. It seems rather elegant. It does feature huge polished areas, which we suspect are prone to desk diving marks.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. - 9300 '57 331.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. – 9300 ’57 331.

As seen in this 3:00 profile shot, there is little to no difference in height. The ’57 measures in at 16.5mm, similar to that of the Moonwatch 9300.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. - 9300 '57 331.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 311. – 9300 ’57 331.

This shot in particular displays the more refined and slim nature of the new bracelet. It suits a watch that is an homage to watches from days gone by rather well we think.

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