Moonwatch Only (English)

Moonwatch Only (English)

  • Moonwatch Only
  • English
  • EUR 250 incl. VAT
  • EUR 20 worldwide shipping

Moonwatch Only, released  in 2014, sets a new standard for watch-related publications and is the number 1 Omega Speedmaster resource to date.

After a 30 page introduction on the Omega Speedmaster, Moonwatch Only goes right in-depth on our favourite subject. Every single part that makes up the Speedmaster Moonwatch is analysed in detail across the various versions that have been produced throughout the years; movements, caseband, dials, bezels, hands, casebacks, crowns, pushers, glasses, bracelets, boxes and accompanying documents.

After almost 200 pages featuring the above, (nearly?) every single Speedmaster Moonwatch model that has ever been produced is presented in it’s full glory in over 200 pages – both standard production models as well as special & limited series and projects & prototypes.The book finishes with buying tips and appendices recapping all oft he information presented in the earlier 480 pages.

In total, the Moonwatch Only Book codified and analysed over 250 constituent parts, inventoried and presented over 125 models and features over 1000 images never published before. It’s bold subtitle, The Ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide, is thus well-deserved.

Check out the gallery below for a few excerpts.

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