Speedmaster Seven II: Mark

Omega Speedmaster Professional 311.

Omega Speedmaster Professional 311.

Last week we launched a new segment on our blog: the Speedmaster Seven. First up was our friend Bart, who answered our seven easy-going questions and gave us a glimpse into the collectors state-of-mind.

Our victim this week is Mark, a Speedmaster aficionado from the Netherlands. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mark!

  1. Do you remember the first Speedmaster you bought? When did you buy it and which type was it?

My first Omega, heck my first mechanical watch, wasn’t a Speedmaster but a Chronostop ref. 145.009, soon to be replaced by a cal. 1040 Seamaster ref. 176.007. The latter was gold plated which really didn’t suit me as it turned out. Queue the first Speedmaster: cal 1151 ref. 3520.50 Speedmaster Day Date.

  1. What ignited your passion for the Speedmaster?

The 3520.50 already kind of got me hooked on Omega. I did do some experimenting with Breitling, Heuer and Oris, none of which lasted long. Seeing a whole bunch of Speedmaster Pro’s (vintage and contemporary) at a small jeweller in Maastricht permanently got me hooked.

  1. What is the latest Speedmaster you bought?

311. The ‘chocolate dial’ or ‘faux tropical’ as I’ve seen it called. I really wanted a ‘sapphire sandwich’ Speedmaster and came across this one. Certainly no regrets there, the brown dial really is something different.

  1. What is the most distinct Speedmaster you own or have owned?

I like to think the 311. is pretty distinct in its own right. I’ve also owned the 3559.32 LE Schumacher Speedy and the Asian market only racing dial Speedmaster Pro, ref. 3570.40 (which I never ever should have sold), both aren’t seen that often.

  1. What is your collection like? For example, is it focused on Speedmasters, Omega’s, chronographs or ….?

My collection, if it can even be called that, is pretty tiny and consist only of the Speedmaster and a cal 2500 Planet Ocean at the moment. If I do get the chance to add some more watches the vast majority will be Omega.

  1. Do you have a Speedmaster grail watch? If so, which one is it?

Definitely the 376.0822, or as Chuck Maddox used to call it ‘the holy grail’. I’d also at some point like to own the blue dial Gemini 4 Speedmaster ref. 3565.80 and even an IWC ref. 377801 double chrono (sorry Omega)..

  1. Bracelet or strap?

I always buy watches on a bracelet. I do like to mix it up once in a while, I particularly like the Omega deployment clasp with the matching leather and rubber straps.

More images in the gallery below.

Thank you Mark!