Speedy Tuesday Event – A Few Impressions

Yesterday we had the honor to be a part of the Speedy Tuesday Event, hosted by FratelloWatches and OmegaWatches at the SpaceExpo in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. And a blast we had!

The Omega Museum was kind enough to bring quite a few exceedingly rare Speedmasters and Speedmaster prototypes. As did the attendees.. we’ve seen some beautiful watches and met great people!

But enough talk – let’s see some pictures!

Speedy Tuesday Event-2

Granted, it’s not a Speedmaster, but nonetheless it’s an important piece in Omega (and watchmaking) history – the first production model of a Co-Axial Omega, given by Omega to the late mr. George Daniels – as indicated by the engraving ‘ To our friend George Daniels’ and the LTD number 000/999.

Speedy Tuesday Event-3

Impression of the lunch, with the museum pieces underneath the glass domes for the guests to admire, try and photograph.. A sign of great trust. In the foreground Alon ben Joseph, CEO Ace Luxury Group, sitting next to Bert Buijsrogge of DeHorlogeFotograaf & Fratellowatches.

Speedy Tuesday Event-4

Speedy Tuesday Event-5

Benjamin Clymer of Hodinkee.com uploading to Instagram – at least, that’d be our best guess..

Speedy Tuesday Event-6

Bernard Werk of Watching Magazine and Ernie Romers of Watchuseek.com

Speedy Tuesday Event-7

Gerard Nijenbrinks of HorlogePlatformNederland and his awesome Alaska Project – with the protective casing of course

Speedy Tuesday Event-8

The Mattingly Speedmaster – the very example sold by Antiquorum in the 2007 Omegamania Auction.

Speedy Tuesday Event-9

The classic – so clean!

Speedy Tuesday Event-10

An old friend of SpeedyWatches.com and his stunning Speedmaster Professional..

Speedy Tuesday Event-11

Bert Buijsrogge – double wristed with the custom Racing Professional and Broad Arrow.

Speedy Tuesday Event-12

Eric van der Hoeve of Omega Benelux speeching.

Speedy Tuesday Event-13

Frank Geelen of Monochrome-Watches wearing his brand new Speedmaster First Omega in Space, delivered to him just an hour or so before this pic was taken by Ace Jewelers.

Speedy Tuesday Event-14

Lot’s of pictures being taken and shared – often the very same second. It’s a brave new world folks!

Speedy Tuesday Event-15

The Flightmaster / Speedmaster X-33 Prototype – the one that is lacking a pic in our X-33 files!

Speedy Tuesday Event-16

Another shot of the Mattingly Speedmaster.. A great piece of history.

Speedy Tuesday Event-17

It was not just Omega who brought the watches.. Lots of collectors brought their Speedies to the event..

Speedy Tuesday Event-18

Speedy Tuesday Event-19

One of the Alaska Project Prototypes.. Cased in titanium.

Speedy Tuesday Event-20

Omega Master Watchmaker on the right.

Speedy Tuesday Event-21

Another Alaska Project Prototype in sandblasted stainless steel – one of our favorites of the day.

Speedy Tuesday Event


You’ll have to take our word on it, but this Speedmaster Automatic belonged to the late George Daniels and was one of the first watches to be fitted with his Co-Axial escapement.

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