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Speedmaster Titanium Blue 311. & 311.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 9300 Titanium 311.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 9300 Titanium 311. – 311.

Finally uploaded to OmegaWatches.com: the Speedmaster Moonwatch 9300 311. & 311.

Both are powered by Caliber 9300 and are cased in titanium. The blue dial is combined with a blue ceramic bezel.

Don’t forget to check out the pics we took of this stunner at BaselWorld 2013!

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal

The full family of 9300-powered Speedmasters now consists of six models;

Prices? Check it out at an Authorized Dealer:


Omega Speedmaster 9300 ‘Liquid Metal’ 311. [updated]

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal

No reference number [311.], no official name, no price [EUR 8.510 incl. 21% VAT] – but we could not resist sharing these killer pics of the new BaselWorld 2013 Speedmaster ‘Liquid Metal’.

The case, in titanium, measures 44.25mm just like its stainless steel brothers. The titanium matches the blue of the dial and ceramic bezel rather nicely. The overall appearance is distinctively different when compared to the other 9300 models – the blue is very rich and the dial has so much depth! The titanium takes away quite a bit of heft and since this watch is by no means small, that’s not a bad thing..

Pictures provided by AceJewelers. More info soon – hopefully!

Edit: reference number added: 311.

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal

Omega Speedmaster 9300 Liquid Metal


Buy at an Authorized Dealer: www.Ace.am/31190445103001

Price (16th of July 2013) is EUR 8.51 including Dutch VAT (21%)..

Also take a look at our Patents section for patent drawings on the Omega Speedmaster 9300

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