Missions Series

In 1997 Omega created the Speedmaster Missions set to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster. Each set contained 23 stainless steel Speedmasters, of which 22 featured the logo of NASA’s famous space missions. The 23th watch of this collection was made to closely resemble the very first Speedmaster, the famous reference CK 2915. The series was presented in a case made of the same white fabric used to make spacesuits and also featured an additional, loose, caliber 1861. There were 40 of these sets produced and at least one of them got world-famous by being offered for sale on Ebay for an huge amount of money – we’re still not sure whether it ever sold. The patch watches were also available separately in limited series. The 1957 “Replica” was also available in regular production. Below you’ll find all 24 of them – in no particular order.

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  1. Darren Townend

    There were also another 5 sets marked “Hors commerce” (not for sale) : 5 cases (PIC 3599.97)) with same 23 watches, back engraved H.C., mission name and numbered I/V to V/V & 5 cases marked “Epreuves d’artiste” (Artist Competitions) : 5 cases (PIC 3599.98) with same 23 watches, back engraved E.A., mission name and numbered 1/5 to 5/5.

    So in total 50 cases were made.


    Every single piece was made singular and Omega estimate that only 100-10 of each were made with special ‘Missons’ case for a single watch. (some came in a black box) not sure why.

    I have the Apollo 11 piece as a single watch.


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