Unique Twist

While some people prefer classic designs, others prefer their watches a bit more unique. Out of the ordinary or even outrageous… If you are looking for a Speedmaster with a unique and exciting twist, a Speedmaster that’s just that bit different – these are our picks:

Omega Speedmaster Professional 311.

Omega Speedmaster Professional 311.

Sure, the Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary HAD to be featured in this list. It is one of the most outrageous and unique Speedmasters ever. We have posted our views over here – be sure to check it out!

Buy at an Authorized Dealer: http://Ace.am/31130423099002

Omega Speedmaster 326.

Omega Speedmaster 326.

Not nearly as crazy as the Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary, but an eye-catcher nonetheless. The yellow accents are beautiful – eye-catching but certainly not over the top. The rubber strap with matching yellow text is a wonderful touch. The Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial is powered by Caliber 3300, fitted with Omega’s Co-Axial escapement and silicon balance spring.

Buy at an Authorized Dealer: http://Ace.am/32632405006001

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5 thoughts on “Unique Twist

  1. Brian

    How about the Omega Speedmaster Split-second, ref. 3540.50.00 – that’s somewhat a different Speedmaster too?

    1. Speed Master Post author

      Thanks for your comment Brian. The Speedy Split Seconds is indeed a very unusual Speedy.. We’ve featured it a few times on our blog.

      Enjoy in the best of health!

  2. Brian

    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    The reason I asked was just that I think it could be quite cool, if there were a list of all Speedmasters made through the years which stood out from the classic Pro version, like ex. the model mentioned above, but that would probably be to big of a job!? 😉

    Brian Kaas

    1. Speed Master Post author

      Hi Brian!

      Cool idea.. Not sure if I could make a list of ALL unusual Speedies, but perhaps I could write an article highlighting a few cool models soon.. Thanks!

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