Property of a Gentleman: Daily Beater Speedmaster Split-Seconds

Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante 3540.50.00

Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante 3540.50.00

Property of a Gentleman: the awesome Speedmaster Split-Seconds!

Our reader Kirk sent this pic yesterday.. with the following text:

Attached is a shot of my Speedmaster in motion. I am a bridge and highway construction engineer and have worn the watch daily since August of 2002. 

It has seen some rough action and has taken quite a bit of abuse without looking like it has. 

Terrific watch and useful, it’s been used for everything from engineering time studies on field operations to estimating speed on my custom build chopper that has no speedometer, it’s clocked a sub 30 sec mile more than once. One of my most praised possessions for sure. 

Now that’s the spirit! Thanks for sharing Kirk!