Speedy Art – Cay Broendum

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If you’re into vintage watches, chances are you’ve com across the name of Cay Broendum – for example in this interview from back in 2013 on Hodinkee. Cay likes watches and being an artist, illustrator and overall creative mind, he’s known in watch collecting circles for the illustrations that are a perfect unity of his professional skills and his passion for watches.

While a big part of Cay Broendum’s art is Rolex-based, he’s also done a great couple of Speedmaster-inspired works. In fact, Cay recently whispered to us that his passion for watches started with the good-old Speedmaster Professional:

‘A thing I can tell you: after my 15 years of  watch-limbo using a phone to tell time, I got a 3570.50.00 Speedmaster. Than came the infection! Since than the world of vintage sports watches has thrilled my mood and inspired me as an artist throughout the day.

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Tomorrow I’ll pick up a brand new ‘Racing’ Speedmaster, a.k.a. the Destination Moon or TinTin. I’m looking forward to it as a kid on Christmas Eve… My first brand new watch ever! The story with this watch just got me. The story behind it to me has the x-factor. This kind of storytelling and myth makes a watch so much more than just a timekeeper. Storytelling is what it’s all about, and that’s what I try to do with my watch paintings or Historic Horological Art.

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In my artworks I try to re-tell the fantastic stories that surround these great watches, and create something that visually inspires. My watch artworks are for those who love watches. Those who keep their watches in a safe and need something on their wall as a daily reminder. Or those who dream and need a focus point, a goal, on their favorite spot on the wall. That’s what they’re meant for: inspiration and reminders that time is the only thing we really have.’

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Thank you Cay for sharing your passion and work with us!

Make sure to check out Cay Broendum’s website, blog and follow him on Instagram.

For the time being, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Racing / Destination Moon / TinTin is still available over at Ace Jewelers.