A few great resources – part 1

Omega Speedmaster Professional Italia.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Italia.

We’re working on a pretty neat and complete website on our favourite watch. However, we are not the only ones – not by a long shot! Today’s post is dedicated to all those who are working on websites and blogs dedicated to the Speedmaster. Below you will find a list of a few of our favourites:

  • Credit where credit is due: Omega has created, as one of the few manufacturers that we know of, a pretty impressive database of their vintage models. When looking for generic info on a specific reference, this is a nice place to start:

OmegaWatches.com Vintage Watches Database


  • One of the greatest resource pages on vintage models must be ChronoMaddox, created by the late Chuck Maddox and kept online by his friends after his death. Old school lay-out, but it still works!




  • TheMasterOfSpeed is a Tumblr page with some great vintage Speedmaster and Omega pictures.




  • Speedmaster-Mission.net is another great resource page that is worth a visit if you’re looking for info on (vintage) Speedmasters. It features -amongst other- a great picture archive and interesting databases.



This is it for Part 1 – in Part 2 we will feature a few of our favourite forums!