Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday 2 Ultraman: What’s in the Box?

A few hours ago we were delivered the our first Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday 2 Ultraman – it’s such an honor that many of you chose to have them delivered at us! This gave us the chance to do another ‘What’s in the Box’ too – so here we go!

Box for Shipping Container

The Ultraman comes was delivered to us in with two outer boxes; one for the watch, and another one for the box set. The outer box for the watch is pictured above.

This box holds the watch in its shipping container. Also included in this box are the familiar red Operating Instructions and the dedicated Ultraman booklet,. The latter describes the watch and all its features, and has the limited edition number on the back.

Shipping Container

As always the shipping container holds the watch, the red credit cards and the hang tag.

Box for Box (for Box)

The second outer box is for the actual box set.

Once we’ve removed the cardboard outer box a black one appears. It has two compartments; one for the six-sided box, and a smaller one on the side for the booklets and card sleeve.

The box itself is done in silver and orange.

The credit card sleeve is black. There are two additional booklets, one with instructions on how to change the strap, and one on how to operate the UV flashlight.


The box proper is quite unique!

Upon opening it we see the a tray with a pillow to hold the watch.

Under it is another six-sided tray for the additional leather strap and the UV flashlight.

The strap is calf leather in the vintage two-stitch style. On the right is the flashlight.

These are all the items that should come with the Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday 2 Ultraman. For a run-through of goodies that come with the regular edition Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch please check my earlier post. As far as I know the Ultraman is sold out.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Speedy Tuesday 2 Ultraman was supplied by Ace Jewelers, our favorite Authorized Dealer for Omega watches.